Power Browsing Tools

Power Browsing Tools 2.0

Power Browsing Tools is a modular , simple to use add-on for Netscape
2.0 (See all)

Power Browsing Tools is a Netscape add-on that integrates into one package the two famous inquare add-ons: Full Screen and Save With Images. Included are exciting new components like Download Manager with its graceful file resume, and much easier web page scrolling using the middle mouse button.

It's modular, so new components can be added from time to time based on popular user requests.

Power Browsing Tools is simple to use because it blends with Netscape. No new programs to learn. Power Browsing Tools simply adds new functions to your own Netscape Navigator.

Full Screen adds a new button to Navigator's main toolbar so you can instantly expand your web page viewing area to the full screen of your monitor. Navigator's toolbars, caption, menu and status bars are all instantly removed from the screen but return promptly when you touch your mouse pointer to the top edge of your screen.

Adds a new function to Netscape's File Menu that enables you to quickly save an internet web page with all its images to your local hard drive.

It gets its speed by cache accessing instead of waiting out another download!

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